Let’s Chomp on Crossy Road! PACMAN 256 Secret Characters Update (FGTEEV DUDDY & LEX Part 7 GAMEPLAY)



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Lex & Dad are playing the Pacman 256 Crossy Road Update with 6 New Characters (Pacman & Pac Chicken are Free to Download for a limited time and then CLYDE, PINKY, INKY & BLINKY are the unlockable secret characters). In this video we attempt to unlock all 4 Ghosts for the Pacman 256 update on Crossy Road. Clyde, Inky, Pinky & Blinky. If we don’t unlock them, we say how to or at least say how we don’t know how to. 😉 We will update our description if accurate instructions are left by our viewers. Hope you enjoy all the fun, stay tuned to the end to watch us spin 10 times to try and get the other new characters Rattles, 3.1, Gazelle, Giraffe, Zebra & Skip.

Pinky: Use a Pac-Chicken to get a Cherry
Blinky: Run into the Road Traveling PACMAN using a Pac-Chicken (when you play as PacMan, it’s a truck, so make sure you use the Chicken)
Inky: We unlock him and have video of it but don’t know how (maybe it’s total number of ghosts killed or pellets collected)
Clyde: Use Pacman and get 7 ghosts in one POWER PELLET session

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